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About Us

The Australia has a unique landscape - it is vast, harsh yet breathtakingly beautiful. We are specialised in high quality TIG welded aluminium framed caravans built tough to withstand the rugged Aussie conditions. However, with for manufacturing grades to choose from, there is something for everyone including timber frame options. 


Wonder Roo Caravans is founded by brothers Sam and Pil – degree qualified Mechanical Engineers. We have over a decade of caravan industry experience with some of the largest caravan manufacturers and as consultants, we have shared our expertise with some of the industry giants. As a Mechanical Engineer, Pil also have a decade of experience in the heavy vehicle manufacturing, working for industry leaders like MaxiTrans, Vawdrey, CIMC and Hercules Engineering. Working for world leading engineering consultancies like CHM2Hill and Jacobs, Sam has also worked on large Government critical infrastructure projects across Australia and has a well developed understanding of Australian Standards as well as research and development. We are now pouring mechanical engineering know-how into our own venture: Wonder Roo Caravans, adopting novel approaches to caravan manufacturing. 

Decade-long experiences in critical infrastructure, project management and heavy vehicle manufacturing provide us a unique perspective. We are setting a new benchmark by taking the traditional caravan-building experience and incorporate the latest technology from the caravan, heavy vehicle and critical infrastructure industries to create a product second to none. Staying a step ahead is a big driver for Wonder Roo Caravans. That's why we are constantly investing in research and development and think about what could be improved, simplified or refined and ways to promptly adopt new technology.


What matters to you, matters to us, we emphasise personalised service. Everything from the initial concept and design to hot-dip galvanised chassis, walls, CNC-cut furniture to the final product everything is done in-house in our Campbelfield factory, which means we have greater control over the manufacturing process. Also, no other manufacturer of the same size does everything in-house like we do. Our in-house production and engineering capabilities means we can easily customise our caravans to meet customer needs. Also, as a family-owned business, we are renowned for exceptional customer care. Testimonies like these are a great example of our customer focus  

“From the first call to the last it was never a problem and been invited to a factory visit to see the       quality and hard work the team have completed. Our van is nothing but quality craftsmanship.” CR

“We’ve just clocked over 20,000ks on this trip, as we’ve just arrived at Winton, central North Qld. Our 5th state so far!! I just wanted to say thanks to the crew at Wonder Roo Caravans for what I would call quite a decent van. We’ve done the Pilbara and the Kimberly region, with temps up to 45 (on the car dash). Yes, that’s hot but love the AC and the overall quality of our build, recliners and all. The van is so well balanced and sits so well behind our Prado on all roads. We’ve had a number of other van owners comment on how nice the van is, both quality and finish.” JM

“We can’t speak highly enough of Sam and Co, they really do make it a personal experience…Fantastic service before, during and after!” RG

See for yourself - we love what we do and we’re sure you will, too.

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