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20' 6" Couples Caravan 

With our passion, leading-edge design and innovation, we are setting a new benchmark for Australian caravan manufacturing standards.  The use of technology and cutting edge designs put Wonder Roo at the forefront. All manufacturing grades will contain many premium features as standard. 

Discover the Wonder Roo Difference.
Just like families, one size never fits all. You can choose from BRONZE, SILVER, SILVER+ and GOLD  manufacturing grades and our range of layouts to build your dream caravan that is tough enough to go anywhere, functional with all the luxury and tailored to your budget and individual needs.

Whether it's from the first meeting, factory tour, designing your dream caravan, the excitement of the delivery day, or aftercare, we always do our best to accommodate your needs and create a lasting experience.

Layout Options 
General specifications by manufacturing grade  
2023 Manufacturing Grades V7.png
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